Why Have a Website for Your Small Business?

1) People use the internet like they used to use the phone book.

Botswana Telecommunications phone books used to be the go to booklet for business contact details and in some respect still is, But most people now, young and old have smartphones and  the internet. Rather than going through the telephone directory, it is easier and quicker to google search the service you need and instantly receive a list of businesses who offer it.


2) A business website gives your business legitimacy.

People expect businesses to have their own websites, just as they used to expect businesses to have a real physical business address.

Not having a business website raises questions in customers’ eyes. Are you a technological luddite? Just still haven’t gotten around to it? Or such a shoestring startup that you can’t even afford to do this? All things you don’t want people thinking about your business.

3) A business website gives you another marketing channel.

Having a business website gives you an automatic online presence. Think of it as an online billboard. Instantly you have another chance to introduce people to your products and services and another way for people to find you. (Of course, how many eyes your billboard attracts will depend on your conscious marketing efforts to get people’s attention, such as Search Engine Optimization, blogging, using social media, and online advertising.)


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