Do i Really need a Domain Name?

Do i Really need a Domain Name?

Whether you own an existing business or have an idea for a startup, you need a strong online presence. Botswana is a few steps behind when it comes to the use of digital platforms in commerce, but this will surely change with the 4th Industrial Revolution A.K.A (4IR).

With ma “Skrrr-Skrrr” & ma “2000” set to be the future leaders of our economy, companies / businesses that are most likely to make it big need to adapt to the use of technology. This new age group will search for your business on some kind of online platform first before going out to visit your store / business location.

Your domain name is your physical address on the internet

In comparison to real-estate, your domain name is your “physical address” on the internet. It is a place to put all your digital marketing material; Images, text & Videos. This can be arranged in the form of a website. When a potential customer makes a google search, google will give them the information in your digital physical address, in essence having a website helps you better control what information about your business people get.



Why can’t i just rent a house instead of buying a plot & building from zero?

Going back to our real-estate example, it is possible to rent a house & not go through the process of having to build one from scratch. This is very common lately through the use of social media. It makes perfect sense & is no doubt cheaper for the short term to open up a social media page in your company’s name E.g facebook page, instagram e.t.c.

Just like real-estate, there comes a time in one’s life when renting a house does not work anymore, it is best to build your own. This gives you more control over how you want to live; fenced yard or screenwall, swimming pool or just lawn. Likewise using social media ONLY, has it’s shortfalls, anybody can write anything regarding your company on E.g facebook, whether true or false google & other search engines will still pick it up & feed it to potential clients who search your company name.

In all of this, it can be very difficult for your customers to differentiate between the facts & the lies, but if you have your own domain & website, ONLY YOU have access to it and control all the information being communicated.


Where do i get a domain name?

There are hundreds of places to purchase domain names and get hosting, But form experience we recommend for the best priced domain names & domain hosting packages in Botswana.

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